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Why run your applications on the AWS Cloud with i2m?

Reduce TCO

Lower your TCO by paying only for what you use and improving resource optimization.


No More Hardware

Quit wasting valuable time procuring, deploying, and managing hardware and instead focus on your core competencies and customer relationships.


Same Tools and Capabilities

AWS is compatible with your existing applications, processes, virtual machines, software licenses, and more.

The time to migrate to the cloud is now

Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. AWS allows you to purchase what you need on-demand and does not require minimum commitments or upfront costs.

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Reduce TCO

AWS can help you reduce TCO and trade CapEx for OpEx by enabling elastic consumption that scales with your needs, pay-as-you-go pricing models, and without requiring minimum commitments or long term contracts

See how much you can save by moving from on-premises hardware to AWS >

No More Hardware

With AWS you can access the computing resources you need, without any upfront costs or risk of wasted money or restricted capacity. Unlike investing in your own server hardware, AWS does not require minimum commitments or long term contracts—you can downsize or discontinue service if you choose.

See how much you can save by moving from on-premises hardware to AWS >

Same Tools and Capabilities

Whether your goal is to expand your organization’s website capabilities, develop and deploy custom applications quickly and efficiently, or build a responsive database structure, AWS provides a familiar environment that can be integrated with your existing resources and processes.

Learn about how you can use your existing virtual machines on AWS >


Try AWS for Free

Try AWS for free for up to a year with AWS Free Tier.


Whitepaper: Quantifying the Value of AWS

Learn about how you can quantify the value of migrating to the AWS Cloud.


Self-Paced AWS Training

Access online training that will give your team the skills they need for a successful AWS deployment.


Customer Success Stories

See how many startups, Fortune 500 companies, and governmental organizations are using AWS to drive their missions forward.

Because we pride ourselves in being a different type of technology provider, one that is interested in your success above all else. We take our projects personally; your success is our success. We take the time to present solutions in ways you can understand, no techno-babble here. We have a dedicated highly certified and trained engineers that offer an extra-ordinary level of support. Focusing on no-nonsense solutions and rapid execution, i2m is a trusted and reliable partner for companies that lack access to the broad set of resources required to design and implement complete technology solutions. We pride ourselves in efficiency by using automation and deployment tools for management, optimization, and operations to further remove human error, by delivering efficiency and rapid project execution to our clients. Let i2m help guide you through the exciting options that cloud technologies can offer your company. Let us show you how surprisingly affordable a complete, managed and monitored cloud solution from i2m can be.

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